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Omnium1 2.0 wellness app

The Omnium1 2.0 wellness app consists of a software package, an intelligent D/A converter to transform the digital control signals into analog, pulsating, vibrations (PEMF) and a hardware-set (applicators) for the output (multiple options available). Omnium1 2.0 consists of the unique capability of performing socket free, easy to use and totally independent PEMF applications with various applicators. The software surface is very intuitive, easy to operate and due to the proper size of the touch icons also suitable for the elderly. The new generation of applicators (OmniMat, OmniPad and OmniSpot) are outstanding, due to their high-quality fabric, excellent workmanship and a compact construction for an easy and smooth transportation.
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Omnium1 2.0 software

The software was created based on the newest findings in terms of easy, safe and effective operation. Clear menu structure, big touch icons with easy to read font sizes and at the same time a fresh, modern and high contrast surface design allow an intuitive and simple usability within minutes of instructions. In addition, the app offers 5 preinstalled quick start programs. Just click one button to activate one of the following applications:

  • Relaxation
  • Performance
  • Activation
  • Sleep
  • Regeneration


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Omnium1 2.0 Applicators




Triple-fold, 6 built in, non-insulated, solid copper coils in 3 segments, Triple saw-tooth wave impulse and field strength max. 45 micro Tesla, increasing amount of windings from top to bottom.



Single-fold, 2 built in, non-insulated, solid copper coils, same amount of windings, square wave impulse, field strength max. 70 micro Tesla, flexible fixing belt with adjustable extension for a simple and effective local application.



2 single segments connected with a flexible belt. 2 built in, non-insulated, solid copper coils, same amount of windings, square wave impulse, magnetic field strength max. 120 micro Tesla, Helmholtz-Effect (=homogenous field) due to the opposite arrangement of the coils during the application. Fixing belt for an easy and effective, punctual application.