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What does „PEMF“ stand for?

The term PEMF means „Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields“ and describes in modern physics the specific application of unique pulsed, electromagnetic frequencies and intensities for the wellness benefit of human beings and animals.


pemfMore than 3500 years ago different ancient cultures used the healing power of magnets. During the Greco-Roman empire (when Aristotle and Hippocrates were actively contributing to ancient wisdom) magnets were often used to heal different illnesses. The Egyptians have been researching the correlation and impact of the earth magnetic field on human beings and animals. In the ancient civilizations of Central and North America the mystic and medical importance of magnetic field therapy was well known.

Early clinical studies on electromagnetic fields were conducted in the 1960s in Russia and Japan. Beginning in 1973 the beneficial effects of time-varying low energy magnetic fields were documented with increasing frequency in North America. In 1982, working from Columbia University School of Medicine Dr. Andrew Bassett published a series of 4 articles on the positive effects of pulsating electromagnetic fields for non-healing bone fractures in 3 well-known North American medical journals.

In the decades to follow there has been an explosion in scientific research pertaining to pulsating electromagnetic fields. Today there are many thousands of research articles in scientific journals worldwide. Magnetic field therapy is considered safe and effective for a wide variety of conditions. Unfortunately low-pulsed PEMF is still controversially discussed in classical medicine and not yet approved as a recognized therapy.

Magnetic Resonance Stimulation for well-being of humans and animals

pemfResearch has shown that low energy pulsating fields within the frequency range of “the biological window” (3-25 Hz),  as well as the inner and outer wave patterns of the Earth’s magnetic field and ionosphere (7.83-11.79 Hz) can produce remarkably positive effects on your well-being. In exploring this technology for you and your family's life balance, insist upon true PEMF wellness with the Omnium1 2.0 system!

By applying a low-pulsed electromagnetic field that matches the Earth’s magnetic field as well as the carrier frequency of the ionosphere, the body can be stimulated into harmonic resonance.

In addition, the Omnium1 2.0 system is providing a biorhythm clock. That is, certain frequencies are excluded, while other frequencies are delivered according to the biorhythm of the human body. Blending natural frequencies with the body’s rhythms ensures that the user is receiving the most beneficial stimulation, no matter what time an Omnium1 2.0 session is applied.

Application spectrum

pemf 03A PEMF wellness application offers a broad spectrum of benefits to human wellbeing with essentially no adverse reaction.

Consistent home use is strongly correlated with deep relaxation, increased energy balance and vitality, stress-relief, the synchronization of the body, mind and soul equilibrium and overall a greater enjoyment in life.

pemf mann abhang

For Your Business Life:

  • to maximize your mental clarity, focus and productivity
  • for efficient 8 - 24 minute work breaks, providing essential renewal
    in the midst of your projects requiring heavy concentration
  • for healthy on-the-job stress management

pemf paar rennen

For Professional and Amateur Sports:

  • For pre-competition warm-up
  • To reduce or eliminate lost training days due to illness
  • For rapid post-exercise recovery after strenuous workouts
  • To support faster rehabilitation

pemf paar strand

For the Elderly:

  • To preserve mobility
  • To increase energy, vitality and strength
  • To provide support for bed-bound people
  • To support physical and psychological balance

pemf frau relax

For Wellness and Anti-Aging:

  • To counteract the negative effects of electrosmog
  • To promote stress-relief
  • To aid relaxation
  • To provide optimal overall vitality